Three Cupcakes, One Box

While a single cupcake design is lovely, there is something about a trio of cups that just can’t be beat

A Perennial Primer

The anticipation of watching your garden fill in year after year is one of spring’s greatest simple joys.

Breakfast at Eva’s

Located in downtown Salt Lake City, Eva’s storefront facade practically begs you to come in for a closer look…

Galactic Color Bottles

The beauty is in the project’s simplicity… and in the wonder on your tiniest one’s face when she explores the bottles for the first time.

Formal Living Room Makeover: Part 1

I was loving mostly flat woven rugs, I’m into industrial-style accent pieces and tables right now, and the idea of throwing in a couple of small ottomans for extra seating and a pop of color seemed to, well, keep popping up.

Bourbon Cherry & Pecan Cake

I think you can tell a lot about baker by the cake they choose for their own birthday. This chocolate pecan cake with a rich Bourbon and Cherry filling is what I chose for mine.