Greetabl: an Irresistable New Player on the Gifting Scene.

You know that awkward space that lies between sending a friend a greeting card and assembling a full on care package that sometimes leaves you, well, boxed out of the gift giving game entirely?  I do.  It’s the space that’s sometimes filled by sending flowers, though most of the time that doesn’t feel quite right either.  A new St. Louis based company is filling the gap, and I’m a fan.  Pretty sure you will be too.

Greetabl, with its elegantly simple design, allows you to customize a tiny box that unfolds effortlessly into a personalized card and houses a small gift chosen specifically for its recipient.  As the sender, you choose the box print, message, personal photos, and gift.  The design is unexpected and fresh… it’s seriously like sending a smile in a tiny box.

My kids and I sent one to my mom recently.  Just because.  Greetabls do “just because” awfully well.  Check it out:

Adorable packaging from the start, right?  Boxes are adorned with well designed messaging that your friends will love.  The branding itself is really quite lovely, adding to, rather than taking away from, the product.

Pop the Greetabl out of its packaging and you’ll discover this enticing message, prompting you to peel open the sides of the box.

Oh la la.  How exciting is this!  In no time the box unfolds, revealing a greeting card like no other as well as a special little surprise.

The inside of the box is printed with panels matching the outside print interspersed with personal photos and a custom message.  Just in time for one last smile, you realize that the photos are perforated, allowing you to remove them from the Greetabl and throw them on your fridge to enjoy for days to come.


I’m not going to lie, friends.  This concept is creative, fun, and oh-so-much more refreshing than my last trip to the greeting card aisle at the hallmark store.

Not sure who to send one to first?  Might I suggest:

  • Your girlfriend who got engaged to that guy you all just knew was the one for her.  Send a Gold Confetti print Greetabl with Gold Party Confetti.
  • Your nephew who’s way too cool to hang out with his aunt, but secretly loves hearing from you.  He also just got his first college acceptance letter.  Send a Crooked Lines print Greetabl with a brass flask.
  • Your roommate from sophomore year who just got married.  You didn’t go to the wedding (because you haven’t really kept in touch beyond stalking each other on facebook) but you want her to know you’re thinking of her.  Send a Jungle Floral print Greetabl with Sugarfina Champagne Gummy Bears.
  • Your neighbor who is just coming out of a stay at the hospital.  Send a Shapes and Leaves print Greetabl with Cup of Sunshine Tea.
  • Your girlfriend who just texted you saying she is having THE WORST week.  She burned the cookies that she spent all morning preparing, scratched her eye and has to wear ugly old glasses all week, and was spontaneously thrown up on by her daughter while waiting in a crowded school to pick up her son.*  Send a Scribble Heart print Greetabl with La Nuit Fizzy Bath Bomb.

*Wait. I’m pretty sure that last one was referring to me.  Somebody send me a Greetabl, STAT.

Alright everyone, it’s time to get gifting.  Oh, and did I mention you can upload the photos straight from your phone’s camera roll or even your Instagram feed?  And that they provide you with clever, quippy content suggestions if you’re struggling to find the right words to say what you’re feeling?  Somebody stop me… I could go on and on about this…

Know of other new creative products that make life just a bit more beautiful?  Email me or comment below with suggestions for future reviews.

For more from the Hansen House on living the creative life, click here.

[Full Disclosure: I attended the same undergraduate institution as one of the co-founders of Greetabl (she’s great, by the way, but that’s beside the point).  This is an unpaid and honest review and what may come across as a minor obsession with this product is 100% authentic!]


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