The Friday Five: April 21, 2017

Hey everyone, and welcome to the first ever Friday Five!  This is the place where every couple of weeks I’ll let you in on 5 things that I’m loving at the moment.  Things that are making my life a little bit more interesting or beautiful, organized or fun.  Just a quick place to check in and see what’s new.  Maybe you’ll be interested in learning more about something, maybe not.  If not, though, perhaps you’ll let me know what you’re feeling these days in the comments below… way way down there in the dark blue green section.  I’d so love to hear from you!

And now for today’s 5:

  1. Food Huggers:  Have you tried these yet?  We just got a pack and they are a new staple in our fruit bowl.  Go get some!
  2. Lavender Trees:  Why didn’t I know this was a thing until just now?  They are fragrant and beautiful and they are known for attracting butterflies.  They even come back perennially if you live in the right climate.  Perfect for outside of your home or business, to keep or to gift to a friend, I’m totally digging these beauties this spring.
  3. S Town: Anybody out there looking for a new podcast who has yet to try S Town?  It’s a non-fiction slice-of-life meets biography meets mystery sort of audio show (produced by the same folks that made Serial) that I’m pretty sure you NEED to listen to.  And when you do, come back here and let me know what you think.
  4. This Book is Magic:  No really, it is.  We picked up this gem at charming little book store in Laguna Beach earlier this spring and it has been a bedtime staple ever since.  Pick up a copy.  The little people in your life will thank you.
  5. These Cookies:  You guys.  I’m Serious.  Go make these cookies right now.

That’s all for now, friends.  Hoping there’s a sunny spring weekend coming your way!

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