About Brittney

Hey there!  I’m Brittney… I’m a 32 33 (ugh) year old mom of two of the sweetest tots; one little boy with big feelings and one tiny lady who can out eat anyone in the table.  They are small wonders.  My norwegian husband and I have lived in 4 states in 6 years, owned 3 homes in 3 different regions of the country, and rented one tiny east-coast sized apartment.  Pretty much wherever you are and however you live, I’ve been close and I can relate.

Things that I love include planting perennial flower gardens, teaching myself to bake, decorating cakes and cookies, DIY home improvement and design, and all most things kids and parenting (oh, come on… you know nobody loves potty training or three *and a half* year old tantrums).  I take care of the little people most of the time, but I also have an Etsy shop that sells custom invitations and stickers for day planners (which is funny because I don’t actually use a planner… shhh don’t tell) and help out with the family business.  I like to be creative and have a knack for taking old ideas and making them new and beautiful.

This blog has a little bit of everything.  It’s less about providing the nitty gritty details of things and more about providing the inspiration.  I hope you find some while you’re here.

And, of course, if its details you crave, you can definitely comment or email me directly at thehansenhomeblog [at] gmail [dot] com.  I promise to get back to you as soon as I clean up this never-ending pile of cheerios from the floor.